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What We Do

Connected Drumming Programmes give powerful win-win outcomes.... Both in person and via Zoom.


Results are immediate and organic.


No lectures.


No formal lessons.


All the learning and understanding is "discovered" by the participants, without effort or even the realisation that they are learning at all! The best way to be sure that those newly-improved skills will be applied in the workplace every day.


Connected Drumming brings your team together to make music, using the musical skills they maybe didn’t even know they had (or perhaps don’t have!) whilst honing many other skills for effective working such as listening, collaboration and focus. Within a very short space of time our Drum Facilitator, the "Conductor", will mould your company's "Orchestra” to make unique rhythms and music that will energise and bond the individuals and the team.


In the process of participating in this fun, energising activity many benefits will come into play. These can be largely summarised into 2 categories:


  • Team Building benefits

    • The immediate experience that together the group is more powerful than the sum of the individual parts

    • A feeling of support and connection to others in the team

    • Active listening and intense communication is practiced

    • Each and every voice gets heard and adds value


  • Wellbeing benefits

    • Release of stress and negative feelings

    • Induces deep relaxation

    • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

    • Improved Immunity

    • Mindfulness Practice - bringing awareness to the present moment

      • Mindfulness is a habit that needs to be exercised so that it becomes the default mode

      • Mindful employees are focused and engaged and less likely to go into autopilot,,, improving efficiency, productivity, safety and so much more.


Following each Drum Circle we take advantage of the group connection to engage in a Wellbeing Conversation – an inforamal talk or discussion to guide participants through key wellbeing topics encouraging reflection and incorporation of simple and accessible techniques into day-to-day life – stress management, healthy mind, healthy body and more.

A healthy team will be a productive team!


Each Programme consists of a series of 4 or 8 Connected Drumming sessions (Drum Circle PLUS Wellbeing Conversation), held over a period of months.

Connect with us for more information so that with an understanding of your challenges we can recommend the ideal Programme for your team.

Connected Drumming Programmes are the perfect combination of a great fun activity and a practical team experience that at the same time also deliver wellbeing benefits that are proven to be transferrable and lasting!

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