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What is a Connected Drumming Programme?





A Connected Drumming Programme starts with a drum circle…. a shared experience where drums are used as the channel of communication. The drums take the group on its journey where everyone listens and connects, where everyone has a voice and is empowered to use it, and where the creative spirit is shared by all. Connected Drumming events are spontaneously created by the participants, guided by a facilitator, always unique, always fun and energising.


All the learning and understanding is "discovered" by the participants, without effort or even the realisation that they are learning at all! The best way to be sure that those newly-improved skills will be applied in the workplace every day.


Connected Drumming brings your team together to make music, using the musical skills they maybe didn’t even know they had (or perhaps don’t have!) whilst honing many other skills for effective working such as listening, collaboration and focus.


Within a very short space of time our Drum Facilitator, the "Conductor", will mold your company's "Orchestra” to make unique rhythms and music that will energise and bond the team – as it is clear that every Connected Drumming drum circle sessions are the perfect combination of a great fun activity and a practical team experience that at the same time also delivers many wellbeing benefits that are proven to be transferrable and lasting!”



Team Building

Mindfulness is the latest buzzword in the workplace, and companies such as Google, Apple, and SAP have been working on it throughout this decade with clear and tangible results. We take it from the beginning, get people involved in a mindful activity and then explain how it actually helps them, this can be the start of introducing a mindfulness practice into your organization with all the benefits that give your team and your organization.


Participants will experience :


The release of stress and negative feelings


•     Deep relaxation


•     Lowered blood pressure and

      heart rate


•     Improved immunity


•    Immediate experience that the

     group is more powerful than the

     sum of the individual parts


•   Feeling of support and connection

     to self and others


•    Active listening and intense       

     communication is practiced


•    Each and every voice gets heard

     and adds value

Do you need reasons to be happy or to keep your teams happy?


Happy people are far more creative, productive and way better at thinking out the box. Isn’t that what every company wants for and from its employees?


Not only but also:


Happy employees stay with their companies four times longer than their unhappy counterparts.


Employees that are happy in their organisation commit twice as much time to their tasks than those that aren’t happy.


Happy team members have 65 percent more energy than unhappy employees.

•     Mindfulness brings our awareness to the present moment –

      a the moment where there can be no worry or stress about yesterday or tomorrow

      It is a habit that needs to be exercised so that it becomes the default mode


•     Mindful employees are focused and engaged and less likely to go 

      into auto-pilot –

      improving efficiency and safety too!

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